Just a heads up on a topic that can have a direct impact on arts organizations and their funding. The legislative session is a short one this cycle but one initiative that needs support is the passage of HB 4061. Please encourage others to support this HB and talk to your legislator. Thank you.

In short:

(1) HB 4061 would increase the Cultural Trust (CU) license plate cost from the voluntary fee of $15 to $25. (The CU specialty license, along with the salmon plate, were the first in the state.  Now specialty license plates cost up to $50 per plate.)

(2) Money from the sales of the CU license plate is used by the Trust for marketing to encourage Oregonians to contribute to cultural organizations and the Cultural Trust.

(3) After years of steady increases, donations to the Trust dropped slightly in 2018 and remained flat in 2019.

(4) The additional funding for marketing will be used to reverse this tread.

It’s easy to see:  If the Trust receives less funds that make less monies for grants. Many arts organizations are awarded grants from the Trust. The Lincoln County Cultural Coalition also receives all its funds from the Trust.

For all these reasons: OCCA Supports the passage of HB 4061.

We encourage you to support this bill. Thank you for spreading the word.