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Scott Blackman, born and raised in Waldport, currently lives with his artist wife Sandy Blackman in Toledo. Together they own the art business, Shamana Arts. Along with his wife he is a founding member of the Toledo Arts Guild.

Scott started taking images of the local surfers in the mid 1960’s and has never stopped. He received a CETA grant from the Jimmy Carter Administration in the 1970’s to document Nye Beach. He joined Tom Stack’s stock photography in early 1980’s and his images have been featured in national and international publications, including Der Spiegel (Germany’s equivalent of Life Magazine), New York Times Magazine and McGraw-Hill Text books. Scott’s images can be found at the Edge Gallery in South Beach and Gallery Briseno in Toledo.

Since switching to digital photography in 2005 he has had long running exhibits at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the University of Oregon’s Law School in Eugene. Covering so much of Oregon for over 50 years, he is considered by many, as a visual historian. Scott and Sandy’s current project which will include many of Scott’s images is their book: Oregon Surfing: Past and Present.

Scott Blackman

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