Help Support the Arts by Being a Part of the $25 for the 25th Project

The $25 for the 25th project is being organized by Cheri Aldrich and friends, to support the Friends of the Festival. Arts organizations have been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic and we are thinking creatively of ways to make the Newport Paper and Book Arts Festival self-sustaining as we move ahead. April of 2022 will be the 25th Anniversary of the festival and we will celebrate it in many ways. This project is made possible by donations of art pieces by our supporters and they will be available for purchase for $25. All of the money will go directly to support the Festival and promote its sustainability. We thank you for your support. The majority of the pieces will be available at the Festival in April, 2022, but we wanted to entice you ahead of time and make some of them available during our September festival.

For April 2022, they are asking for donations of paper-related art pieces that will be displayed on the wall in a grid pattern. Pieces should be no larger than 8” x 10” (smaller is fine). Books will be tucked into a see-through pocket; wall art should be ready to hang. Art will be displayed at the Newport Visual Arts Center during 25th Anniversary Show in 2022. This will be an “Off the Wall” show, allowing people to take the art home with them that day. Contact Cheri Aldrich at for more information.

Each piece is $25. Shipping is available for $4 or you can pick them up at the Newport Visual Arts Center.