Beginning Drawing: Drawing from Life with Carol Shenk

This six-week course will provide a friendly environment in which we will begin learning to draw what we see. We will employ both traditional drawing exercises and experimental approaches, and we will consider basic drawing concepts such as space, weight, line, shadow, movement, and composition. Looking at examples from the art of diverse eras and cultures, we will explore how we perceive, interpret, and choose to represent the world around us.  Subjects will include still life, portraits, and landscape (the ocean view from the VAC!). We will experiment using different types of pencils, charcoals, pens, inks and papers. This workshop is designed to be a welcoming space in which everyone can explore and learn from one another.

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Exploring Representation: What Are You Drawing? with Carol Shenk

This workshop is for people who want to build confidence using drawing beyond literal representation by investigating how and why we draw. This workshop is designed for those with intermediate and advanced drawing skills. Beginners are also welcome and should benefit from the class.  Artists who work in other media but want to incorporate drawing into their work are also encouraged.

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