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Brian Cameron was born and still lives on the northwest coast of Oregon where he is fortunate enough to have a home and studio on 4 acres of oceanfront dunes just south of the mouth of the Columbia river. This incredible setting with its vast open skies, long, horizontal oceanscapes, everchanging fields of grasses dotted with flowers and constant parade of wildlife, offers endless inspiration for an artist. Brian translates the vast and contemplative beauty of his beloved home into the visual language of painting. “The long horizon… the place where sky meets sea and land… that’s my world! Space… big skies… solitude… the Northwest coast. I am privileged to wake each day where my eye can travel from Tillamook Rock lighthouse along the horizon line north to Cape Disappointment and North Head lighthouses. Hour by hour the skyscape is infinitely new. The ocean reflects the sky’s changing color and light. Through the seasons the dune grasses grow from dead brown to green to golden. A landscape painters dream.” A self-taught artist, he is lauded for his adaptability to many mediums. Always searching for a new way to communicate concept and thought, he shifts his focus quickly through choice of medium and/or theme, and is as skilled and comfortable working in the three dimensional realm, with chisel and a block of wood, as with brush and canvas.

Brian Cameron

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