PO Box 493, Manzanita, Oregon 97130


Johnstone continues to develop the studio and a regional client base, from the Riversea Gallery in Astoria, where he has just had a show, to restaurants, retailers and most preferred, custom work for individual clients, including animal memorials, fountains, public installations and in one case, an interactive, interchangeable assembly glazed with a finish culled from the client’s brother’s ashes. He would also like to establish a place where othe’s can begin in a rudimentary way, gain some confidence and familiarity with the medium and go on to establish their own studios which in one case, has already come to pass, and especially to provide a “healing clay” program for disadvantaged or handicapped individuals and veterans who are having problems readjusting to society and the workplace and perhaps regain some measure of self-respect and even independence by gaining a creative and craft skill they can market and sell.

Nehalem Clay works is represented by the top-notch Riversea Gallery in Astoria, provides some restaurants and retail outlets with wares specifically designed for their needs and patrons.

Nehalem Clayworks also has a sales and display area in the studio. Bargaining encouraged. (503) 368 7871. Deeply personal commissions gladly discussed. 1/3rd good-faith down payment required.


Ø    After graduation from Edinburgh College of Art, was selected to conduct a community arts project in Callendar, Perthshire, a Scottish Highland village, being a pilot project funded by the Scottish Arts Council / Scottish Tourist Board, and working concurrently as a wheel production potter for John Verando, Chelsey Potter.

Ø    Attended workshop and film show in Edinburgh by Japanese Master Potter and government-designated “Living Cultural Treasure”, Shoji Hamda, at the invitation of Kate Horseman, Head of Ceramics, Edinburgh College of Art and former personal college teacher.

Ø    Came to the USA in 1976 on a distinguished traveling scholarship from Edinburgh College of Art, and a British Council scholarship to Mexico.

Ø    Worked as guest artist at Northwest Saltfire Workspaces in The Dalles, Oregon.

Ø    Taught ceramics and was senior studio manager at the former Potter’s Workshop in N.W. Portland, Oregon and Portland State, for a short spell.

Ø    Have taught and conducted workshops and lectures in an adjunct capacity in ITB (Institut Teknologi, Bandung) Java, Indonesia, an

Ø    Similarly at The University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY Morhead State University (workshop format), Morgan Co. KY, Virginia Foothills Artists, and several smaller institutes in different countries.

Ø    Have shown Ceramics, and paintings in galleries in Oregon, Idaho, Kentucky, Ohio and California, USA, and in Spain, France, Germany, England, Scotland and Java, Indonesia.

Visual Arts mentors and workshops. Shoji Hamada, (Japand) Kate Horseman, Ian Nelson (Scotland), Don Reitz (US), David Hockney (England), Edward Gage, Eduardo Pallozi, Kenny Munro (Scotland), Richard Rowland (US), Yoshihiko Yoshida (Japan), Rudiono (Java, Indonesia).