Glass , Metal , Paint


P.O. Box 44 Gleneden Beach, Oregon 97388

The name of the art studio – XX IV 7 (24/7) was chosen as a nod to Clifford’s birth place, Las Vegas, NV and his career in the hotel & casino business.  After careers in education as well as the hotel & casino business, he began his art career part time in 2002 which led to a full time dedicated effort in 2007.  In  2009, Clifford suffered a stroke while undergoing a heart procedure. Fortunately, physical therapy and a determination to continue painting returned the artist to his studio.


Clifford creates only original abstract art utilizing techniques with oil and acrylic paint on various mediums – canvas, glass, paper, board, metal & styrofoam.  The artist’s work is unique because it is original, custom designed and one-of-a-kind.   This is his commitment to patrons that purchase his art…a true original creation. Clifford enjoys painting with heavy textured techniques for visual interest in what he calls his blending or fusion of color for all of his paintings.   Clifford’s mission as an artist is simple and direct.  He wants his art to affect a person’s senses each time it is viewed…to elicit an emotional response and a sense of discovery & enjoyment.  In essence he would claim that: “I am a Manipulator of Paint.”  * Clifford’s art is currently on display at The Bay House Restaurant in Lincoln City on Hwy 101.