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Born and raised in the Oakland, California, Johnny Butler grew up surrounded by a vast artistic presence. The culture of San Francisco’s Bay Area became a lasting influence on his artistic style, with the social movements of the 1960’s and 70’s shaping not only his philosophic and spiritual identities, but granting him a creative vision necessary for any thriving artist.

Through his exploration of art and art history, Johnny was drawn to the surrealist movements of the early 1900’s. His occasional swing toward a dream-like state in the compositions in his “surreal” series reflects this influence, ultimately allowing his images to tell an ambiguous and allegorical story.

His years living on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai only accelerated Johnny’s passion for artistic expression. The Island and its people offered an abundance of peace and energy- a true blessing for Johnny. Some of his Hawaiian paintings can be found on display at the Nani Moon Mead tasting room in the town of Kapaa, Hawaii.*

Johnny has returned home first to California then on to the South Coast of Oregon. His inspiration stems from the area and landscape, as well as a continued exploration of the surreal realm. Excitement for new and fresh experiences along the Oregon South Coast will be sure to evolve his artistic adventure. He is currently showing his works with, Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio in Bandon, Oregon.



Johnny Butler

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