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Living on the central Oregon coast since 1986 Kay has developed a long relationship in this area with the many beachcombers and the Oregon Coast Agate Club as well. She has been an amateur rockhound for over 50+ years and enjoys documenting and sharing her knowledge through her series of the pocket guides, her blog, Facebook and doing speaking engagements. The books are all published locally in Newport by Pioneer Printing. Kay has collected as a hobby in 7+ states and is considered as a knowledgeable guide as she is a long-time student of gems and minerals and still winning awards, has assisted in producing videos beach combing for agates or collecting on the Oregon coast.  She has also worked to bring back Gem Shows for county fairs where she was the premier division head in 1985 before she moved to Oregon. Over the years she has participated in over 200+ Gem and Mineral Shows as a commercial dealer and or with displays in Oregon rock clubs from Newport, Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Lincoln City to name a few.

Speaking engagements and or author signings can be arranged by email, or phone. Her books, are self published and printed on high quality paper stock with scuff-free gloss covers, and are also available in bookstores.