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What’s the AEP6 study?
The AEP6 study focuses on the local economic impact of arts and culture organizations. The study occurs every 5 years and documents the economic contributions of the arts in over 250 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We are partnering with Americans for the Arts to conduct the survey, which collects data focused solely on Lincoln County. The study’s results will be used in regional planning, advocacy, economic development strategies, and more! 

In 2017, the previous study, AEP5, documented that the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $166.3 billion nationally in economic activity (spending by organizations plus the event-related spending by their audiences) which supported 4.6 million jobs and generated $27.5 billion in government revenue. The AEP series demonstrates that an investment in the arts provides both cultural and economic benefits. AEP6 will help shed light on the economic impact of arts and culture, to both lawmakers and voters. The report that will be generated with this data will be used to further arts advocacy efforts and present the facts to community stakeholders that arts mean business

What can YOU do?
Simply complete the 3 minute / 13 question survey EVERY time you attend an exhibit or event at participating arts or cultural organizations. Yes, every time – even if you visit that location frequently. Your answers are 100% anonymous, and depending on where you are (different venues have different options), you may complete the survey on paper, via an available iPad kiosk, or by scanning an on-site QR code. This assists us, and organizations like ours across the nation, in our collective effort to show that arts and culture organizations and programming strengthen our economy, build up our communities, unite our people, and improve recovery from hardships.

Why can’t you just fill out the survey here, online?
The integrity of the survey depends on patrons, visitors, and audience members submitting their answers on site, while they’re actively attending an exhibit or event.

Do you represent a nonprofit arts or cultural organization in Lincoln County? (See further eligibility requirements below.) We’d love for you to help OCCA collect survey responses, and we’ll help you with resources! Contact Darcy Lawrence, OCCA Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at

Across the nation and in Oregon, access to the arts is continuously in jeopardy. There is a widespread misconception that arts and culture are frivolous pursuits. However, this ignores that arts and culture have a large impact on the economic vitality of the state. Furthermore, arts and cultural activities serve our most at-risk populations such as youth, elders, veterans, minority groups, and many more. The arts serve through programming that develops innovative and creative problem-solving, ensures mental well-being, and strengthens community ties. Art and culture activities help us navigate hard discussions, experiences, and realities through discoveries that bring us together through shared experiences, enjoyment, entertainment, history, and more. Art is central to our livelihoods, the human experience, and the welfare of Lincoln County residents.



Who is eligible to distribute/collect these surveys? Any nonprofit arts or culture organization, program, venue, or facility. Other types of eligible organizations include:

Municipally owned and operated institutions, programs, venues, and facilities (i.e., City owned museums, gallery, performing arts center, or theater).
Government agencies such as the department of cultural affairs or a municipal public art commission.

College and university arts and culture venues/facilities (i.e., Galleries, theaters, performing arts centers, museums) and performing/presenting ensembles (Not academic programs/departments such as the College of Fine Arts).

Arts and cultural programs that are embedded in non-arts organizations (i.e., cultural programming under faith-based organizations, community/senior centers, health facilities, or libraries). A nonprofit program that operates under a for-profit business is eligible.

Fiscally sponsored arts and culture organizations, programs, venues, and facilities.

Unincorporated arts and culture organizations, and programs.

Organizations that have applied for but have not yet received tax-exempt status or plan to seek tax-exempt status in the future.

Small organizations that do not plan to see tax-exempt status (i.e., Community band, local theater club, a volunteer organization)

Several non-traditional arts and culture categories are eligible such as humanities organizations; historical/heritage societies, sites, and preservation organizations; libraries; and living collections including zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens.

Individual artists and for-profit/commercial businesses are not eligible.

Newport Performing Arts Center

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Newport Visual Arts Center

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