Feb 28 - Mar 27, 2013


Florence Events Center

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Without Boundaries celebrates the richness of color and the unique approach of seven pastel artists from the Willamette Valley. All of them enjoy the immediacy and tactile satisfaction of directly placing pigment on paper with their pastels, color sticks of pure pigment and clay that never fade.

Each artist works with a unique approach that complements the others. Together, their work represents the broad spectrum of pastel effects and techniques, from the lively strokes of impressionism to the abstract layering of bold color blocks to the gentle blending and shading of near photographic realism.

The subject matter varies also. Anna Horrigan often paints landscapes that record contemporary everyday life. Joy Descoteaux paints landscapes, still lifes and expressive portraits that come alive under her hands to tell their own stories. Gladys Bacon Rust creates impressionist still-lifes and landscapes with movement and nuance. Germaine Hammon paints color soaked landscapes, exploring the contours and rhythms of nature. Kate McGee paints plein air landscapes and studio still lifes in expressionistic and abstract styles.

Marianne Post captures the color of light in the waterways and backcountry of Oregon, Wendy Ware’s paintings hold the viewer’s attention with the expressive textures and colors she sees in the landscape.

Florence Events Center

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