Jun 1 - Jul 28, 2024


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Woven from the Land
Chantele Rilatos
June 1 – July 28, 2024
COVAS Showcase
Newport Visual Arts Center

Saturday, June 1st, 12pm-5pm
Featuring entertainment by DJ True Justice
Light refreshments will be served

Indigenous artist Chantele Rilatos, a tribal member with the Confederated tribes of Siletz Indians, is a traditional basket weaver whose people come from the Rogue River, Klamath River, and along the Oregon Coast. Using varied plant materials native to her homelands, she creates beautiful woven works representing the land and her ancestors.

From the artist…
“Woven From The Land” – I picked this name simply because this traditional art form relies on the Land. Our materials used to make basket are not purchased at some craft store. Our materials come from the Land. It requires being in a good way and having a relationship with the land and plants. Our cultural lifeways and basketry materials depend on the health of the land and the use of cultural fire. Basket weaving is a traditional art form, practiced and passed down from generation to generation.

Ironically, my work will be displayed in Newport Oregon, a place near to where my ancestors were forcibly removed. These women maintained our lifeways despite it being outlawed to do so. I could not be a basket weaver if it wasn’t for my ancestors – the native women who devoted themselves to keeping our cultural lifeways alive. Being a basketweaver connects me to my ancestors and homelands. It is a sacred practice I look forward to having a lifelong relationship with. I am honored and grateful for this opportunity.


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