Jun 1 - Aug 25, 2024


Newport Performing Arts Center

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Memories at Night
Isabella Saavedra
June 1 – August 25, 2024
Olive Street Gallery

Saturday, June 1st, 12pm-5pm
Light refreshments will be served
From 2:30-3:30pm, the public is invited to join in a leisure-focused arts engagement experience. The space will be temporarily transformed into a reading room, and attendees may perusing related art books and engage in conversation with one another and the artist.

Indigenous Artist Isabella Saavedra’s Memories at Night includes large-scale mixed media pieces implementing painting and stitchwork to depict nighttime scenes.

From the artist…The series will be an expansion of “now-isms” that I have portrayed in past works. “Now-isms” is a term I have coined to describe my reactions and responses to things happening in contemporary life whether they be personal or viral. This term embeds the philosophy of artmaking as an act of visual sovereignty and decolonization. Thus, my references are pulled from things I react to in my environment, such as wildfires, the Covid-19 pandemic, supreme court cases, songs, chismé, the city I live in, and social media. In this body of work, I am specifically inspired by now-isms of the nighttime. Some nights the realms of the spirit world, dream world, and the real world exist simultaneously, and at these times, one can commune with one’s self, memories, and previous versions of themself and consult with spirit guides. This is also the time I most often find myself painting. It’s become a ritual act. I am also inspired by the tv show “The Night Gallery” (1969). On this show, a docent walks the viewer through an art gallery, unveiling paintings to introduce macabre tales and scary stories of the supernatural. I aim to marry these ideas together through style, subject, and presentation.


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