The results are IN!

Thank you to all who attended the data reveal presentation at Newport Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, November 7th. The data, which was shared in that presentation, is available for you to download and peruse, here…

AEP6 – Lincoln County – 2 Page Summary

AEP6 – Lincoln County – Full Final Report

This Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) data was collected as part of a national economic and social impact study of the nation’s nonprofit arts and culture industry. Arts and cultural organizations throughout Lincoln County took part in this landmark study, actively polling audiences and event attendees to help provide meaningful data specific to the central Oregon Coast.

What’s YOUR organization’s impact?

As part of its contract to participate in the AEP6 study, Lincoln County added a web-based economic impact calculator that is customized specifically for Lincoln County: CLICK FOR YOUR CUSTOMIZED AEP6 CALCULATOR


AEP6 uses a rigorous methodology to document the economic contributions of the arts and culture industry, demonstrating locally as well as nationally, that nonprofit arts and culture are critical economic drivers of vibrant communities. The arts and culture industry supports jobs, generates government tax revenue, strengthens the visitor economy and community vibrancy, and helps to preserve authentic cultural experiences. By measuring the industry’s wide-ranging impact, public and private sector leaders can work together to secure arts and culture funding and arts-friendly policies that shape more vibrant and equitable communities.

“Authentic arts and cultural experiences attract visitors from across the state and beyond to support our local communities,” said Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon. “Arts travelers visit throughout the year, staying longer and spending more on travel, solidifying the arts as an important economic driver across the state of Oregon.”



What’s the AEP6 study?
The AEP6 study focuses on the local economic impact of arts and culture organizations. The study occurs every 5 years and documents the economic contributions of the arts in over 250 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We are partnering with Americans for the Arts to conduct the survey, which collects data focused solely on Lincoln County. The study’s results are used in regional planning, advocacy, economic development strategies, and more! 

Across the nation and in Oregon, access to the arts is continuously in jeopardy. There is a widespread misconception that arts and culture are frivolous pursuits. However, this ignores that arts and culture have a large impact on the economic vitality of the state. Furthermore, arts and cultural activities serve our most at-risk populations such as youth, elders, veterans, minority groups, and many more. The arts serve through programming that develops innovative and creative problem-solving, ensures mental well-being, and strengthens community ties. Art and culture activities help us navigate hard discussions, experiences, and realities through discoveries that bring us together through shared experiences, enjoyment, entertainment, history, and more. Art is central to our livelihoods, the human experience, and the welfare of Lincoln County residents.