Kim specializes in miniature myrtlewood carvings. She began carving in 1988 under the guidance of Russian woodcarver Abe Goerz. In 1991 she carved her first miniature bird out of basswood. That was the beginning, from then on several other animals were miniaturized by Kim’s knife.
In 1994 she moved to Oregon and was introduced to myrtlewood. It was love at first sight. “Myrtlewood is not only beautiful to look at it is also wonderful to work with.” Although she carves a variety of different animals, her little birds are still her favorites. Each carving is given individual attention. She first roughs out the basic shape with a bandsaw and then finishes them with her dremel tools, knives and sanders until they have a character of their own.
She works out of her home in Reedsport, Oregon just a few blocks from The Myrtlewood Gallery where her work is always on display.