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Lionel Youst is an independent scholar who lives at his boyhood home on the East Fork of the Millicoma River, Coos County, Oregon.  The Oregon Historical Quarterly review of a recent book of his sums it up: “an autodidact who reads broadly, thinks deeply, and publishes often.”  His books in print include,

She’s Tricky Like Coyote: Annie Miner Peterson, an Oregon Coast Indian Woman.  University of Oklahoma Press, 1997.

With William R. Seaburg, Coquelle Thompson: Athabaskan Witness, a Cultural Biography.  University of Oklahoma Press, 2002.

Above the Falls: An Oral and Folk History of Upper Glenn Creek, Coos County, Oregon.  Golden Falls Publishing. 1992; second, revised edition 2003.

Sawdust in the Western Woods: A personal, pictorial, and primarily oral history of the small sawmill in the Douglas fir region, 1926-1956.  Golden Falls Publishing.  2009.

Lost in Coos: “Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures: of Searches and Rescues on Coos River, Coos County, Oregon 1871 to 2000. Golden Falls Publishing, 2011.

Progressive Thoughts: Essays and Reviews.  Golden Falls Publishing, 2012.

The Wobblies: Solidarity Forever and Other Articles.  Golden Falls Publishing, 2012.

His web site gives details of the books.  Some are available on line.  Others may be ordered directly from the author at his address below.

Lionel Youst

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