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I love a good thunderstorm! The house where I grew up in Maryland was surrounded by huge oak and beech trees. My brother and I used to go out on the screened porch on the third floor to watch the trees bend over, feel the rain pelt on our faces, see the lightening knife across the sky and feel the thunder in our chests. Many of my landscapes still reflect these feelings. They are full of excitement, movement, strength and often mystery. They are meant to be emotional and to look beyond and below the surface of things. To show the power, motion and constant state of change that to me defines Mother Nature. In fact, I try to infuse all my works with these same qualities in one way or another.

In 1994 my husband and I quit our jobs and left Oregon for a two and a half year sailing adventure. With my paints on board, I became totally smitten with the vibrant color found in the tropics. Even the shadows were rich with color. I also became fascinated with the movement, color and shape of the water as caused by the wind. I often put this theme in my current work.

Of all the influences on my work, the sailing adventure has been the greatest. I was allowed uninterrupted time to focus on my work and to observe all that was around me. Since there was a new landscape around each corner, I learned to look at the world with “fresh eyes” and a childlike sense of wonder. That has helped me to view the familiar places at home with the same eyes.

Over the years I have had opportunities to study with many wonderful artists and have taught some classes myself. I consider myself largely self-taught but, then I think most successful artists are largely self-taught even if they have a degree. I also still love a good whopping storm!