Feb 8 - Mar 6, 2013



The February show at the Lincoln City Cultural Center’s Chessman Gallery features longtime
photographer, Ralph Elliot. This work presents many treasured local spaces from a new and distinct point of view and captures a feeling of visual story telling.

Ralph Elliot, who has been creating photographs for 40 years, said his goal is to try and understand the storylines of the world, using the camera lens to capture the relationship between each of the elements in a scene.

Elliot, whose university studies included philosophy, linguistics and comparative religion, said his twin goals are to deepen his understanding of  the world and to create images that qualify as pieces of art by communicating something that causes a creative experience in the observer. He feels that “The significant question is not ‘what was I (the artist) trying to say?’ or ‘what does it mean to me? It is instead what do you (as the viewer) see when you view
the piece and what does it mean to you.”