Feb 18 - Feb 20, 2023


Yachats Commons

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Royalty is coming to Yachats!

Not King Charles, Prince William,Prince Harry, Kate or Megan,
DIANA is coming to Yachats!

The 2020 Cherrywood Challenge Art Quilt Show DIANA is coming to the Yachats Commons. The show runs Saturday through Monday, February 18, 19, 20, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, with a suggested donation of $5.00. The exhibit will feature 100 quilts paying tribute to Princess Diana.
Art quilt shows were first brought to Yachats by artist and former Polly Plumb Productions Board member Ruth Bass. “One of the goals of the show is to introduce art quilting to local residents and visitors. Art quilts do not typically follow the patterns used in traditional quilting. Instead, artists use fabric and other materials to build conceptual creations based on a theme, design or simply the artist’s imagination.”

A quilt is a fabric sandwich comprised of least two layers. Art quilting uses mixed media or fiber art quilts, with modern and traditional quilting techniques to create art objects. According to the Art Quilt Association club definition, “An art quilt is an original exploration of a concept or idea rather than the handing down of a ‘pattern’. It experiments with textile manipulation, color, texture and/or a diversity of mixed media. An Art Quilt often pushes quilt world boundaries. An Art Quilt should consist predominately of fiber or a fiber-like material with one or multiple layers which are held together with stitches or piercing of the layers.”

Art Quilting is a fascinating and relatively new art form. The evolution of the quilt from bedcover to museum piece, and the quilt maker from homemaker to trained artist, is celebrated in a 1977 book The Art Quilt, by Robert Shaw. As the quilters workplace moved from kitchen to studio, the art quilt continues to reinvent itself. Quilters with their signature techniques, search for innovative methods of construction, while increasing the use of non-traditional materials, and instilling personally meaningful subject matter.

PPP Board member Robert Rubin said “Prepare to have your mind blown. People are astounded at these shows. The depth and detail of the pieces are incredible. PPP has exhibited a few International competitions, plus a show of renowned artist Hollis Chatelain. PPP has also sponsored our own international art quilt competitions, themed Gems of the Ocean, three times. First time we had entries from 6 countries. We awarded $2,000 in prizes. Don’t miss this Diana show. You will be amazed at what those artists have created.”

Polly Plumb Productions (PPP) is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization that produces, supports, and promotes, diverse, artistic, colorful, whimsical, musical and intelligent arts and cultural programming in the Yachats area. Polly Plumb produces the popular annual Yachats Celtic Music Festival. Please visit and on Facebook Polly Plumb.

Yachats Commons

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