Oct 1 - Oct 27, 2012


Newport Visual Arts Center

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Trudonna Husong is an artist who believes that “the aged and deteriorating carry a defining, visceral beauty.” “Texture and Time” brings together two bodies of her work: RAW and Significant Stones. Watch the video that accompanies her exhibit below:

RAW emphasizes her fascination with Mother Nature and how time affects the elements as the work unfolds. Since 2004, she has been working out of a garage studio space, “mining her obsessions,” the results being RAW, which opened in Los Angeles in 2009, and RAW X, at Feast in Florence in 2010. She is currently working on RAW XI and RAW XII.

“Since 2005, Raw is perhaps the purest creative exploration of my career,” Husong declared. “It unites my fascination with Mother Nature and my love affair with decaying objects. Using the rawest of materials and processes, RAW, like [work by] the process artists of the 1960’s, unfolds over time and with the assistance of the elements.”

Significant Stones, presented on sculptural bases, emphasizes the subtle textures of cotton and hemp applied with beeswax by hand over the stones’ sensual surfaces. Significant Stones originated at The Braziers Artist Workshop in Braziers Park, England and emphasizes her passion for stones, fiber and artfully caring for “the natural.”

Husong believes art has the ability to change outcomes and pursues being a catalyst for such change. “I am an artist … whose voice comes from an intimate and honest cultural point of view as much as an aesthetic vision … [who] uses the textures of ‘woman-made’ and the disturbing honesty of feminine interruption, to expose our humanity … who tends to work in series’ that span decades, devoutly adding fresh inspiration,” she declaimed in her artist statement.

She attended the California College of Art in the 1990s for her bachelor of fine arts degree in sculpture, and went on to earn her master’s degree, also in sculpture, from the University of Arizona.

Husong has shown her work in England, California, Idaho, Arizona and Oregon. Her work has appeared in FIBERARTS, Concepts and The Exquisite Garden.

She currently is represented at Loyalty Creative and Current Lucid in California and the Freed Gallery in Oregon. You can see more about her at her website,

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