Fidler’s exhibition, “Incessant Pulse of the Future,” includes large-scale geometric works on paper. The new exhibit is being presented in conjunction with the Charles A. Hartman Fine Art gallery in Portland

The “Incessant Pulse of the Future” will feature pieces from Anna Fidler’s most recent series, “Quit the Night, Seek the Day,” a new direction for the accomplished artist.

“My paintings have become bold, geometric and opaque,” Fidler says. “These non-objective works are painted spells—incantations that describe feelings such as anxiousness, euphoria and yearning. To resist objectification, I have abandoned traditional modes of seeing and encourage my viewers to do so as well. My new works abandon the human form in favor of representing energy itself.”

Fidler’s works are made with flashe–a water-soluble vinyl paint–gouache and ink on sheets of handmade grid paper. Cut-out stencils, invented symbols penned in ink, and flat matte repeated and mirrored forms work together to create the sense of energy that the artist describes.

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