The non-profit Oregon Coast Council for the Arts deeply appreciates members for operational support of its mission to develop, promote and celebrate community arts. View membership benefits in our brochure, or join OCCA now!

“Family comes to mind when we think of our friends at OCCA. The time, energy and overall contributions they have added to our community, allows us to experience and enjoy art in all its forms. As well as, being a place to volunteer and participate with an amazing ‘cast’ of talented people.” – Cory and Sherron Watson

We’d like to thank our renewing members in September & October:

Principal Patron of the Arts: City of Newport

Marian Brown • Bill & Ruth Hutmacher
Newport Symphony Orchestra • Patty Olmsted
Dennis & Sandra Roumagoux • Jack & Ruth Kistler

Loretta Harrison • Carol Kerton • Vo Newell • J.R. Ralston • Catherine Rickbone • John Ray & Janet Voss • Joe & Marlys Weber

John & Susan Balloun • Sharon Beardsley • Lon Brusselback & Wendy Engler • David & Michele Goldstein • Grant & Judi Green

Charlotte Dinolt • Barbara LeBoss • Chris Miller • Julie Reiersgaard • Dennis Russell

Yaakov Epstein • Sue Friesz • Amy Mindell • Marion Moir