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Please provide a description of the class or workshop -- something that would help a student know what to expect. Mention specific skills, methods, mediums, or processes that will be covered, along with what the experience will be like for the student and/or what they will come away with.
e.g. Adults, Ages 14+, Youth in grades 2-4. Famlies (6+ with adult), etc. Be specific if you can.
What is the maximum number of students you could accommodate?


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e.g. "2 total days, Sat & Sun, 2-5" or "One weeknight per week, 6-9pm, over 6 weeks", etc.
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Space, Materials, Logistics

What should students bring to class? Please be specific and list only necessary items as some beginners may have to purchase what is listed.
Please list the materials you will be providing. If you are charging a materials fee, please list that as well.
Please let us know how much space each student will need along with any tools/supplies the VAC needs to supply (easels, clay studio, etc.)
We value our instructors and aim to show that with instructor payments. Some instructors prefer to be paid per student with a minimum number of students, others prefer a flat amount per class. We use this amount to determine the cost per student. What do you prefer? What do you envision?


We MUST have some images to help market and promote the class. Please attach three high-resolution images for the class (examples of what students will create, learn), and also one photograph of yourself. Images must be provided in JPG or PNG format. Please aim for 300dpi. A minimum of 10” x 10” is preferred, but if none of this makes sense, just give us the largest/clearest possible images you have. (And please do not crop images -- having extra space around the sides of a project is preferred!)
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