Akia Woods


Akia Woods has joined the OCCA board to help OCCA with its mission to promote and provide high-caliber arts experiences on the Oregon coast.

Woods is often seen onstage (or backstage) with Red Octopus, Porthole Players, and One Of Us Productions. She also ushers for the Newport Symphony as well as OCCA’s Met Opera Live in HD and National Theatre London in HD events.

She sings with Yachats Big Band and has sung with the Sweet Adelines and Central Coast Chorale locally, as well as other groups throughout the state. She has given solo and duet concerts locally and often sings at Oregon Music Teachers Association events and other fundraisers.

Did we say that Woods likes, indeed loves, to sing? She had her own record label for a while and used to tour with her original music.

She decided on early retirement from the state of Oregon where she started in social work with the elderly and alter-abled, moved to management, and served the last 17 years as a computer network technician. While working as a tech, she made theatre arts connections up and down the coast.

She loves to ballroom dance, is active in Dances of Universal Peace in Newport and Yachats and likes to hike.

“I look forward to giving back to the entire coastal community that so warmly welcomed me when I moved to the central coast from Grants Pass in 1997,” says Woods.



Jody Hanna

Board Member

Jody Hanna, an Oregon native, moved to Newport 22 years ago to teach sixth grade at Newport Middle School. She thought she had moved to the end of the earth and only planned to stay one year. Instead she fell in love, with her husband and the community. Jody, with her husband Brian, decided that Newport was where they wanted to live and raise their family.

As a child growing up, she was shy and reserved and used theatre and music as a way to gain confidence. In 2004, Jody helped create Coastal Act Productions (CAP), a community theatre company for youth and their families. She currently serves as the artistic director on the CAP board, as well as directing and appearing on stage at the PAC.

“Theatre has the power to change you,” she declared. “People tell me all the time that they can’t sing, or they are afraid to be on stage. If you have a voice, you can sing. Maybe not a solo, but everyone can sing in a group, and when you are surrounded on stage by people who care about you, it changes you.”

Jody earned her undergraduate degree in education from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Portland State University.

“Lots of parents get involved with their kids through sports and I want people to know that they can also get involved with their kids (or other children they care about) through their involvement in the arts,” she explained. Through the OCCA, she hopes to inspire young people to pursue the arts as they grow into adults, whether as a professional or as a volunteer.



Darcy Hogan

Board Member

Darcy has been heavily involved in the arts, in both creative and administrative roles, since 1983, and has worked in marketing and branding for the last fifteen years.

Darcy says about joining the OCCA Board, I’m hoping that my broad experience in the arts will bring some valuable perspective to the table, and that my background in branding, marketing, and publicity can be put to good use.”

Hogan currently serves on the Board of Directors for Red Octopus Theatre Company, and is an inaugural member of StateraArts – an organization advocating gender parity in the arts.

She has performed in New York, Las Vegas, California, Oregon, and Utah, including multiple seasons at the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. She is a seasoned actor, vocalist, director, choreographer, visual artist, and an award-winning playwright.

“The arts play an essential role in our community,” says Darcy. “They connect us, challenge us, empower us, enrich us, and sustain us. They broaden our understanding of the human experience, expand our thinking, inspire curiosity, promote creativity and expression, and give us a crucial outlet. I believe preservation and advancement of the arts is critical to human thriving.”



David M. Jones

Board Member

David M. Jones is looking forward to serving on the OCCA board and bringing a fresh view. “It’s an exciting time for our coastal confluence of art – with the continued upgrade of our own Performing Arts Center, as well as strengthening our bond up and down the Oregon Coast with our art communities. It presents challenges as well as opportunities.”

David’s arts background includes performance (acting, magician, musician) and visual (painting, pen & ink, sketching, woodblock printing, serigraph, photography, ceramics), along with running his own design/build company – all of which should help with board duties.



Randy Madnick

Vice President

Randy Madnick grew up in the central valley of California during the 1950s. He developed a love for music and photography and played in a number of local rock and roll bands, while at the same time he became a photographer for the high school paper.

Following his Navy service in Vietnam, he continued his interests in photography by attending various classes and seminars, some of which were instructed by the well-known Ansel Adams.
Randy was event manager for High Sierra Entertainment, its premiere event being the Strawberry Blue Grass Festival, and worked as road manager and sound engineer for the Chambers Brothers. He has performed with numerous well-known groups, among them Freddy Fender and the Chambers Brothers Band.

In 1993, Randy and his wife Kathy moved to Seal Rock, Oregon. Here he has worked for local contractors as a fine finish carpenter. He organized the Fox Creek music revue, an annual event to help raise money for South Lincoln County Food Share.

Randy’s formed the jazz group Perpetua, where he participates in the composing, recording and performance of the group’s music. He is one of the original members of the jazz committee that founded what is now known as the Oregon Coast Jazz Party and he is co-founder of the not-for-profit production company, Just Jazz Inc. providing music education in our community.



Vo Newell

Board Member







JR Ralston








Sandy Roumagooux

Board Member

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts welcomes Sandra Roumagoux as a new board member. She been an artist (a painter) most of her life. She holds a master’s degree in painting from the University of Arkansas and has taught university and community college courses and workshops for many years.

Sandy brings to the board an institutional knowledge about the arts as they have evolved in Newport having lived in Newport for 31 years. She served on the original Ernest Bloch Board and has championed the OCCA as a visual artist, and during her three terms as Mayor of Newport.

In addition to serving for three terms as mayor of Newport, she served on the board of education of Oregon Coast Community College and was involved in the beginnings of that institution as an administrator, instructor and board member.

She has been associated with OCCA from the beginning when Sharon Morgan and Babette Cabral were the directors and their office was in the Naterlin Center, now the current City Hall.

“I became an OCCA board member as a liaison to the Visual Arts Center Steering Committee.  I want to expand the collaboration between the visual arts and performing arts,” says Sandy.

“I see consistent funding as the main challenge for the OCCA board. Unfortunately, this is the challenge for all arts organizations. Creative solutions to this ongoing problem will be a goal of mine,” she adds.

Sandy believes the arts are essential to our community. The creative process offered by the arts builds community and adds to the quality of life. Students and adults alike directly can experience visual art classes, acting classes, music workshops, plus attending top notch OCCA programming, as well as Newport Symphony performances, and exciting, challenging exhibits at the Visual Art Center.

When Sandy served for four years on the board of Oregon mayors, she was complimented by other mayors across the state for the foresight Newport has shown as a leader in the arts. Newport has a treasure in its city-owned buildings in the Performing Arts Center and the Visual Arts Center.

Five years ago Sandy was a founding member of OCCA Mayor’s Show, which is held each January in the Runyan Gallery. It is based on artwork by artists showing work from the previous month’s PushPin Show. This initiative is an opportunity for several mayors in Lincoln County to partner and select artwork for an exhibit.

This last fall, OCCA VAC Director Tom Webb arranged for Sandy to be honored with a retrospective of her paintings in the Runyon Gallery at the Visual Arts Center.

“We welcome Sandy and look forward to her ‘artistic eye’ for our programming and board oversight,” says Catherine Rickbone, OCCA executive director.