We seek to engage our communities (artistic, cultural, and geographic) and provide an environment in which everyone feels welcome, wanted, and appreciated, with the support and respect needed to be their full, authentic selves.


Curiosity, wonder, and discovery are the sparks that inform and ignite everything we do. We aim to create an atmosphere of active learning in which artistic, personal, and organizational growth are supported and nurtured.


We aspire to be flexible, adaptive, and responsive, encouraging innovation and imagination by providing the space and freedom to explore ideas—valuing intention over perfection.


We believe that access to the arts is an intrinsic right and vital to human thriving. We are committed to equitable access and building a culture of inclusion in which what makes us unique is celebrated, and barriers are acknowledged and addressed. We encourage diverse perspectives and voices but set a strong boundary against hatred and intolerance.


We value teamwork and open, humble collaboration–understanding that we are collectively stronger when we recognize our differences as strengths.