To purchase work(s), or for more information and images, contact OCCA VAC Director Tom Webb at or 541-265-6569

Shannon Taggart – Florence

Gone Fishin’ - Ink on yupo with 3-D effect, 11” x 14”, 16” x 20” (glassless frame), $130 (framed)

Bio: Shannon Taggart is both an Oregon artist and an Arizona artist with memberships with FRAA and the Sonoran Arts League.

Note: 3-D affect brings a fish to life under the sea.

Lynn Taylor - Gaston

Mystic Seaside - Watercolor on rag paper, original painting, 22.5 x 15", 30" x 23" (framed), $425

Bio: Lynne Taylor is an award-winning watercolor artist who portrays the mysteries of the natural world through surrealism and abstracts.

Note: Mystic Seaside is a wet-on-wet imaginary seascape. (Archival framing, acrylic glazing, and mahogany finished frame.)

Carter Thompson - Oceanside

Pacific City Map - Watercolor, ink, metal leaf, 22” x 30”, $1,200

Bio: Carter Thompson (Cerulean Studio) has been a watercolor artist for many years, focusing primarily on marine life and environments.

Note: Original hand painted and lettered map of the Pacific City, OR.

Victory Tierney - Bandon

Emergence - Watercolor , 27.5” x 19.5 , $700(matted and framed)

Bio: Victoria Tierney has lived in Bandon since 1977. She has been showcased at the Newport Visual Art Center various times. She has been a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon since 1996, and received the Best of Show at the Expressions West exhibition (Coos Art Museum, 2017).

Note: Emergence was created as a demo while the artist was at a meet and event at Second Street Gallery in Bandon last summer. The figure is the only graphite in the painting; the rest is transparent watercolor.

Jill Timm - Wenatchee, WA

Tide Pools - Serigraph, 17" x 23", 22" x 30” (paper), edition of 10, $275 (unframed, signed and numbered)
Bio: Award-winning artist Jill Timm creates from treasured retreats in nature which are translated into art pieces that are refreshingly intimate and vibrantly alive.

Deanna Trail – Beverly Beach

Coastal Calla Lily - Watercolor on paper, 11” x 9”, 17.25” x 14” (framed), $125 (matted/framed)

Bio: Deanna Trail is a coastal nature and garden enthusiast who enjoys translating that beauty into form on paper.

Note: The calla lily is a classical floral form that thrives here and a willing subject.

Joan Truckenbrod - Corvallis

Wave Pulse - Hand-woven digital Jacquard weaving (cotton, linen, bamboo), 30.5” x 54”, $1,175

Bio: Exhilaration comes from the synthesis of working by hand with textiles, through hand weaving, with the artist’s digital Jacquard loom.

Note: Composition includes tree structures integrated with images of broken Chicago river ice.

Frances Van Wert - Newport

African Safari - Assemblage, 22” x 12” x 3”, $245

Bio: Frances Van Wert has been creating acrylic paintings, collages and assemblages for 20 years. She has shown her work in galleries in Oregon and Washington, and she has been a member of For Artsake Gallery in Newport for 12 years.

Note: African Safari has an array of ethnic and antique pieces that make it a unique and unusual work of art.

To purchase work(s), or for more information and images, contact OCCA VAC Director Tom Webb at or 541-265-6569

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