Oct 18 - Nov 22, 2019


Newport Visual Arts Center

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6-Week Series

Fall 2019 Art Fridays


October 18 and 25, November 1, 8, 15 and 22.

Class limit 15

$12/class or all $60 for 6-week series

Classes are geared toward youth aged 9-13

Instructors: Eileen Hearne, Amy Pattison, Janet Webster and Sara Siggelkow

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Artists and Art Movements of the 20th Century

Students will be presented with opportunities to develop work to submit to the OCCA’s PushPin Show in December. An exhibit of student work from the session will be held in the VAC’s “Classroom Gallery.”

October 18 ~ Cubism Pablo Picasso — explore color value using black and white acrylic paint

October 25 ~ Fauvism André Derain — explore strong nonrepresentational colors/unfamiliar colors, not blended, oil pastels

November 1 ~ Expressionism Paul Klee — explore color stories (warm, cool, complementary) including shading and blending, watercolors

November 8 ~ American Modernism Georgia O’Keeffe – create large flowers on baseball hats, acrylic

November 15 ~ American Modernism Georgia O’Keeffe – create New Mexico landscapes on wood acrylic

November 22 ~ Kinetic Art Yaacov Agam – design and build an agamagraph multi-media

From Fauvism to Neo-Expressionism, the artists of the 20th century reflected the changes in the world as a whole. This series of classes will explore some of the movements in multiple media and work on multiple surfaces.

Students spend time in each class learning how Picasso, Derain and Klee approached the use of color (value, nonrepresentational and color stories) and create art in three different media (acrylic, oil pastel and watercolor). Best taken as a three-part series.

Georgia O’Keeffe works are uniquely representational, emphasizing shape and color. Explore her cropped close-up style while painting on a baseball cap and her landscapes while working on wood. Best taken as a two-part series.

Agamagraphs are kinetic art that appear to move as the viewer moves. Learn how a piece that looks muddled when viewing straight on becomes two distinct images when viewed from each side.

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