May 4 - May 26, 2024


Newport Visual Arts Center

777 NW Beach Drive, Newport, OR 97365



Lincoln County
High School Art Show

May 4 – 26, 2024
Newport Visual Arts Center
COVAS Showcase

Stop by the Newport Visual Arts Center to view a special exhibit featuring works by art students from Newport High School, Toledo High School, and Taft High School.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, May 10th at 7pm.
All are welcome; admission is free.

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Visual Arts programs at Newport High School, Toledo High School, and Taft High School are excited to showcase their students’ work at this year’s show at the Newport Visual Arts Center. The CTE Visual Arts program seeks to provide the students with the opportunity to explore the visual arts with a focus toward pursuing a career in a creative field as well as to help enrich the education of high school students and provide opportunities to explore creative outlets that they may not have the opportunity or time to explore outside of the school setting. My goal in asking Newport High School students to participate in this show is to allow them to show off their work to the broader public and allow them the experience of being displayed in a gallery to a broad audience. I hope that they will get a taste of this experience and become involved members of the art community here in Lincoln County beyond their time in high school. My photography students have already started to get a sense of what it is to be part of an art community with a focus on pushing each other to do more and more creative work. Having the students present the pieces they wanted to bring to the show and hearing all 25 of my students cheering each other an, ooohing and awing at each other’s work, and walking away from the sessions talking about how the work of their classmates is inspiring them to push their own work further is exactly what I hope to see out of any student that enters my classroom. The show at the VAC has created an opportunity for my students that not many get to have and I have been loving seeing the excitement they have for taking part. – Jake Carlsen

Newport Visual Arts Center

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